Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Trends, brands and new things come out every week… obviously!

But are you unsure of yourself; do you think to yourself and say “nah I wouldn’t be able to wear that. It shows to much. People will think I’m trying to hard.” You see it on the model who’s on the cover of Cleo and think to yourself.. “she is really rocking those boyfriend jeans and that comfy tee, you can do the exact same.” Inspiration is all around us. I love seeing blogs and posts on my Instagram of ladies owning those clothes that you question yourself about; if you could wear it too. Just go with it! Own it! Do what makes you happy.
I recently was reading an article in Sunday Style Mag of “Sense of Selfe”; British fashion icon Daphne Selfe says “even if your 60 years old you can still own those looks and be a fashionista.” Even if no one notices you, you are doing it for yourself, so own it and feel proud!“ The world is getting old, Isn’t it? Quote: Daphne Selfe. Own what you have and just bring anything to life even if it’s just on your way to woollies getting those last minute grocery items for the week ahead.
Does "that perfect Jean” even exist?
Heres to my favourite items this weekend, which have shocked me as I have been looking everywhere for “that perfect Jean”. Just yesterday I was only window shopping I had to look into my favourite store which were having a sale of 50% off O.M.G. Even if you don’t know me that well, you should know I love a dam good sale!!. So I got myself a pair of ever so comfy jeans from #glassons. Super high waisted blue jeans. I have never before found a pair of “those perfect jeans.” I was afraid of those jeans that show too much and just get uncomfortable when you walk outside the door for the day. So I would like to thank Glassons for helping me find not only 1 but 2 pairs of comfy jeans to help me get though my winter days.

I really hope this gave you a little lovin’ for your own self and a little lesson of not to worry about what others think, if you have it own it. LOTS OF LOVE, MODA & CO X

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