Tuesday, 22 March 2016

HOW TO! off the shoulder trend.

Now here’s a trend to make you sit up straight. Off the shoulder tops and dresses remained a eye stopping highlight of the runways at New York and London Fashion weeks this year, it just makes me so happy to see more of this super-flattering, versatile style. Here my friend is the how to own a new trend, this one has been around for many of years and of course its coming back baby! I honestly walked into 2016 wondering what trends would hit and what would I be comfortable wearing on a daily basis, but hunnii bare those shoulders, because this season it all about shrugging off your sleeves plus owning that outfit you got going. I definitely have struggled with showing off my body just recently I’ve been happy and in love with showing my shoulders off ha ha. I’m looking at so much inspo of ladies at fashion week or even street style having these off the shoulder tops, and dresses. I love it!! But an off the shoulder cut can really accentuate your shape!! but honestly you can pair yours with high waisted trousers, a mid-length shirt or some cool comfy jeans. These options have got you covered!
This street style hero. Margaret has all outfits as Instagram worthy and pair those bare shoulders with some distressed denim or an on trend flare. (@margaret__zhang) I also wouldn’t mind pair an off the shoulder shirt with a cute tight fitted skirt and a black simple dog collar now this is just going out of my comfort zone!! But hey its at least a try.
I question you this. Could this be 2016’s most flattering trend??
Until next time, LOTS OF LOVE, MODA AND CO X

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