Wednesday, 13 April 2016

ON TREND // "Choker"

Hey Babes, How's your Wednesday treating you? 
Well here i am with a new trend for you. 
Lately, i have been spotting a throwback accessory that i had never stopped loving. Im not the one to buy into every trend, but one current theme thats come running in right now is that “choker”. The 90’s necklaces are back in a big way. Feeling a little iffy on the trend? Chokers have been slowly creeping into my feed on Instagram and Pinterest.
YES I'm loving the look. I'm not a fan of anything bulky, but when you pair a thin, simple black chocker together with other sleek basics like a white button down and a treasured pair of skinny jeans, it looks incredibly 'on point'. Its also a good transitional look too. Lately i have been styling outfits with a choker just to give it that sleek and effortless look, without the pain of creating a daily outfit that's on point. Its an easy and inexpensive way to add a little edge to your go to everyday looks. I just ordered a few chokers and i wanted to share where i have got them from so you can try the trend with me.
oh please do go out of your comfort zone once and a while. 
(just a little hint! i once wore a chocker that was the belt to my pants and it was a easy way to finish my look.) 


SKINNY TIE NECK SCARF - GLASSONS (thick black chocker)

TIED IT UP BLACK CHOKER - SPORTS GIRL (simple think black chocker)

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