Thursday, 24 March 2016


Hey You! 
At this point, you probably couldn’t name half the clothes in your wardrobe if your life depended on it but hey thats me too don’t worry, also let alone make outfits with all of them that you would actually want to go out in. It’s not your fault. 
The task of cleaning out your closet solo is near impossible. This sort of thing just happens. Fashion is wonderful, fun and exciting oh sometimes, but it can also be overwhelming. Maybe just something to help you approach your wardrobe differently and break out of this cycle of buying clothes you don’t know what to do with and never wear. Yes, You are ready.. but it could be time for a fashion reset.
One of my own New year resolutions is to ORGANISE my closet at least once a month. It would help me loads with what i have in my closet or just what i really need to buy on the ASAP. With having a job at a woman’s leading clothing company i do need to keep up to date with these latest trends and that also keeps me having new refreshments in my wardrobe at least every 2-3 weeks. Below I’ve put together a few of my best tips for getting your closet in order to kick off your enjoyable closet cleaning:
Tip 1: I suggest going through your entire closet every 6 months or so. Trust me its hard i do try myself to keep up. Try everything on!! If something is permanently stained or ripped, trash it. If you are unsure about something, call a friend or even have a girls night so you will get that honest second opinion. That’s what friends are for! Just channel your inner Bradshaw of course.
Tip 2: Don’t just throw things out. Separate unwanted clothing into three piles: toss, donate, and sell. It’s easier to let go of clothing when you know that it will go to someone in need or that you’ll be getting a good $$ in return.
Tip 3: Another idea is to do the “switcharoo”. At the begining of the year, turn all of your hangers backward. As you wear items, turn the hanger back around so it’s facing the right way. By the end of the year you will see which pieces you wore and what you can get rid of. Easy!
Good luck! Hopefully in the end it all turns out of having a cleaner wardrobe and to when every you think of your wardrobe you think positive thoughts not wanted to always push it aside when the question ever comes up. LOTS OF LOVE, MODA AND CO X

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